Via Francigena Part 2


Join us on the 100 kilometers section of the Via Francigena that will take you across Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria!

Let’s walk across the UNESCO heritage Val d’Orcia, taste the delicious Brunello di Montalcino, enjoy the amazing views of the Lake of Bolsena and finally reach Orvieto, the hidden gem of central Italy. This legendary path, Via Francigena, follows a route traced by Julius Cesar in 58 BC called “The way of the Sun” connecting his northern provinces with the capital, Rome. One thousand years later, the Archbishop Sigericus of Canterbury, traveled this route leaving a detailed description called the Iter Francorum, or the way of the Franks.

During the following centuries, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims traveled to Rome by way of the Via Francigena. There were those seeking indulgences granted as early as the year 1300, merchants with goods to trade, soldiers defending their territories, emperors, bankers, diplomats, and adventurers, all walked to Rome on this road. The Via Francigena, together with the Camino de Santiago in Spain, became the backbone of the ancient road system of Western Europe throughout the middle-ages. In 1994, this route was declared “European Cultural Itinerary” and was awarded the title of “Major Cultural Route” in 2004 by the European Council.

What’s Included

    • Meet your tour leader in Siena (Tuscany).
    • Van support during the trip for you & your luggage
    • 7 nights of hotels with private bathrooms
    • Bi-lingual guide
    • Daily maps & historical information
    • Pilgrims credential (passport)
    • Healthy snacks
    • All breakfasts
    • Five dinners, wine included
    • Wine tasting and brunch in Montalcino
    • Orvieto Cathedral and Orvieto Underground
    • Spontaneous side trips!

PRIVATE tailor-made trips are available upon request. Please ask us for details.