Hotel Rural Fuentes de Lucía

Owners and hosts of Spanish Steps, Juan Carlos, and Judy, operate the delightful Hotel Fuentes de Lucía, situated in a spectacular and untouched corner of Asturias, Spain. The recently converted farmhouse rests on the hillside of a green valley in the hamlet of Faedo and is part of the Parque Natural Urbiñas-La Mesa in the heart of Asturias, Spain.

The Inn can accommodate 16 people in 8 rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, and either a balcony or terrace. It is perfect for your next family reunion, birthday, anniversary party,  yoga retreat or just an excuse to escape to a mountain haven for a while.

Nestled in Quirós Valley, the casa rural is surrounded by dramatic peaks, deep gorges and crystal clear rivers, and ancient forests, a paradise for those who love the great outdoors. An intricate system of marked footpaths leads you from one small village to the next; up and over mountain passes; and through river valleys. Our guides are able to take our guests through our magnificent landscape via well-trodden pathways visiting remote villages where life unchanged, continues much as it always has.

Close by is the Senda del Oso, a 30-kilometer trail from Bárzana de Quirós to Trubia, which runs through these valleys following the track of an old railway line once used for transporting coal and iron ore to the sea. Taking a leisurely stroll along the Senda del Oso is a wonderful way for individuals, couples or families to spend the day whether by bike or on foot.

Hotel Fuentes de Lucía is located 5 kilometers from the small lake of Valdemurio, where you can paddle on a kayak, spend the afternoon on the shores with a fishing pole or take a quick dip on a sunny summer day. In the next valley over, walk through the mystical canyon of Las Xanas to Pedrobeyo for a hearty lunch of Fabada, a typical Asturian white bean and chorizo stew.

Choose an interest of your liking and join us for an active, yet peaceful holiday in our fertile and inspiring valley – or bring your own group and your own interests to our homestead. Our expertise and warmth is second to none!

Hotel Fuentes de Lucía

33117 Faedo, Quirós
Asturias, Spain
Telephone: +34 985 76 84 58 and +34 617081570

Check out this 5 minute film about Hotel Fuentes de Lucia. Enjoy!