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Step away from the “normal” language program in a classroom and move into a fun and active learning environment based at our country hotel Fuentes de Lucía and join our small group “Walk and Talk” language immersion retreats.  For over 25 years, Mary Kay Maas has talked, walked, listened, and shared her passion for Spain and the Spanish language.  As a language teacher, Mary Kay teaches students from all over the world on how to become comfortable and immersed in a new language and culture. Her classes are fun, engaging, and perfect for all types of learners; whether your preferred method is by listening, visual, or hands-on, Mary Kay has a way to reach you. Why not grab your hiking boots, a notepad, and a sense of adventure, and join us on this unique journey in the mountains of Northern Spain?  Each morning begins with a language lesson and an introduction to places we will visit throughout the day. Our daily language instruction will develop around practicing vocabulary and conversation while hiking, visiting sights, partaking in cooking demonstrations, and other hands-on activities.

Pack your small day-pack and away we go! We will follow local hiking trails along established footpaths, ancient trade routes, through narrow canyons, over mountain passes all whilst practicing Spanish.  Step inside…click here.

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Chat your way around Spain in Español!
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2024 Dates:
Oct 7- 14

Mary Kay Maas